In My Place, A Knight of Glass

It’s nearing midnight where I am, and despite my best efforts to get to sleep, it eludes me.  Instead, I am drawn to what usually results from not falling asleep: thought.  This past Thursday, I completed my student internship, and with it, five years of schooling.  I have been in my post-secondary education longer than […]

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Time for A Quicky!

No, I don’t mean that kind of quicky.  I blog about scifi, fantasy, occasionally dabbling in horror, but content that is not fit for all audiences (viewer discretion is advised) especially of the kinky variety is not that kind of content.  *inhales* That aside, this is a quick post about how I am choosing to […]

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War. War Never Changes

Guys, guys, guys!  Watch this.  Now! There.  Now that you have seen the Fallout 4 trailer and got hyped up about it, let me say one other thing: about damn time!   Now, I’m not gonna pull an IGN and analyze the snot out of that trailer.  Instead, I’ll talk about how 6 years of […]

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